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Email Marketing Services

Want a way to reach thousands of customers all at once for a fraction of the cost of any other marketing medium?

Icington Email Marketing services may exactly be what you need. Our Internet marketing solutions provide small businesses with customized Email Marketing campaigns.

An Email Marketing campaign is THE most powerful marketing tool for any business no matter what its size. Upon visiting the website of literally ANY major global corporation, you will see that they all have a web form set up to collect customer email addresses so that they can continue their marketing efforts long after those same customers have left their website.

By amassing a list of email addresses from the thousands upon thousands of potential customers that visit your website, you now can inform them of your newest specials or business updates with one mass email at the click of a button.

No Spam Policy

An effective email campaign includes an autoresponder and newsletter service, as an effective means for following up with these customers that have requested additional information by providing their email on the web form. At Icington we only offer 100% opt-in email addresses as a way to ensure that subscribers themselves have asked to receive information and that no unauthorized junk mail will be sent out. We adhere to a strict “No Spam” policy to ensure that all of your email messages and your Email Marketing campaign as a whole is seen as legitimate and isn’t penalized by any online governing bodies. We will create a customized Email Marketing campaign to best suit your business needs.

Here is a list of some of the benefits

  • Email Marketing is the most cost effect forms of marketing for your business.
  • Its success rate is unmatched by any other marketing medium.
  • Email Marketing will help you effectively retain customers instead of only reaching new customers with each campaign. This allows you to compound your sales and profits by tapping into your pre-existing customer base.
  • A study from 2010 showed that the ROI of Email Marketing is over forty dollars for each dollar spent.
  • Email Marketing was rated as “excellent” by participants in a Survey, coming in second to SEO.

Internet Marketing Service

Our Email Marketing Service

  • Creation of an autoresponder account
  • Placement of newsletter sign up form on website
  • Design and creation of sign up form
  • Develop a custom newsletter template
  • Develop a newsletter that has marketing-focused content
  • Emails distributed on a monthly or weekly basis to your growing client database

Start enjoying the benefits our Internet marketing solutions today. We are a reliable provider of effective Email Marketing services.