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Online Video Creation Service

At Icington, we always use all of the most cutting edge strategies and techniques to help give your business the most exposure possible online. One of the Internet marketing strategies that we are using to help achieve this, is video creation.

The Advantages

The power of video is two-fold. Firstly, customers are more attracted to video as compared to text, and video is highly engaging as compared to text. This allows you deliver a message about your business in a way that consumers will pay attention to.

The second way that using video can benefit your business is by increasing your visibility in the search results. Now, not only will your website rank in the search engines, but your video will also show up above all of the other results (video typically ranks higher in search results). This will give you an even greater advantage over your competition.

What We Offer

Let’s take a look at everything we offer as a part of our video creation service:

- 1-2 or 3-minutes of video promoting your products and business

- You can choose using music or a voiceover promoting your video

- A full library of over 1,000 songs in a wide range of genres (all commercially licensed)

- High resolution and high quality so that you can play your videos on a projector or HDTV

Web Marketing Solutions

We take care of EVERYTHING for your video creation needs. Our vast and unsurpassed Internet marketing resources allows us to create outstanding video content for an affordable price. This is just a part of our full service Internet marketing package that gets you the best results possible for your business online.